Recreational Programme



6.30 - 7.45pm - Under 11 Competition Squad 

7.15 - 9.00pm - 11+ Competitive Squad 


Cheerleading is a sport in its own right. And on its way to becoming an Olympic Sport! 


Cheerleading at Kaleidoscope is based on Allstar cheer. Allstar Cheer focuses on athletic training and competition performance. Cheer encompasses skills such as tumbling, tosses, stunts, jumps and dance. It requires dedication and skill. But wonderfully everyone is welcome to the world of Cheer regardless of experience or age. 

Kaleidoscope houses cheerleading for beginners and the more advanced. Ages 5-16 are welcome in our kids classes.. Classes are ran by an experienced cheerleading coach, qualified in cheerleading Levels 1&2 and Level 3+ Our kids classes also have the support of incredible gymnastics coaches to add dimension to classes. 

The preconception of Cheer is that it is just solely as a support to American football or something for American high school girls to do after school, but rather what we do is develop routines not dissimilar to gymnastics routines, when then compete them and bring home trophies. And has a massive international base with U.K. And Irish teams being at the forefront of cheerleading. 

Cheer also is beneficial for several reasons; 

1. Cheerleading builds self esteem
You can imagine how incredible it feels to tumble across a gym floor, a blur of flexibility and power, showing off moves most people will never get the chance to learn. There is always something new to learn and master at cheer. You can master new skills continuously Building your  self esteem as much as it builds your muscles.

2. Cheerleading builds performance skills
cheerleading children grow into teenagers and adults who are more prepared to stand up and face whatever assignments, presentations, and public speaking that come in their lives.

3. Cheerleading is incredible exercise and increases flexibility, balance, endurance, and more.

4. Cheerleading is a TEAM sport
You learn to be responsible to your teammates. You can’t skip practices or competitions and let down your teammates. You work together, compete together, and celebrate together.

5. Cheerleading is FUN


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