Industry Dance Championships

Friday 15th September 2023

Industry Dance Championships 

In April of this year, Kaleidoscope travelled up to the lovely North Coast to compete in the Industry Dance Championships.


Check out our OUTSTANDING results below!

Day 1

The Witches Are Back Jazz Trio 1st Place
Juliette Street Solo 3rd Place
Kailyn & Alexis Street Duet 2nd Place


Day 2 

Improv Lyrical Winner - Chloe Parker

Improv Jazz Winner - Ruben Simms 

Day 3 

16&u trio
Jazz - Le jazz hot 1st place 🥇
16&u groups
Lyrical - Heather 1st place 🥇
Jazz - Man with Hex 3rd place
Street - Revolution 1st place

Special prize - Best music selection of the weekend!


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